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Medical Research

Lawyers Dedicated to Asbestos Research

Irving J. Selikoff was an asbestos research doctor at Mount Sinai in New York. In 1964 the eyes of the general public were opened to the dangers of asbestos. While our legal practice focuses on financial recovery for the victims and survivors, we have also founded the Irving J. Selikoff Foundation at the St. Louis University Medical School for the medical research, monitoring, and screening of asbestos related diseases.

Our firm founded the Irving J. Selikoff Foundation to further the medical research, treatment, and cure for mesothelioma and other asbestos related injuries. For more information or to donate to the foundation, please contact our firm.

Dedicated to the victims and survivors of asbestos related injury

While we believe that the victims and families of mesothelioma deserve to receive maximum compensation for their injuries against negligent companies and employers, we also understand that the more important issue is the survival of a loved one. Whether you have lost a loved one to mesothelioma or someone you love is at risk due to asbestos exposure, we understand that the biggest loss is one that cannot be addressed through litigation or financial compensation. If you are interested in donating to this foundation or learning more about mesothelioma research, please contact us.

We match donations to the Irving J. Selikoff Foundation from our clients dollar for dollar and have raised millions of dollars for medical research of asbestos related injury and treatment.

Providing clients with the information and resources necessary for recovery

In addition to our legal practice, we are dedicated to helping the families and victims of asbestos exposure seek out the resources and information they need. Our firm has a wealth of knowledge and experience with mesothelioma disease and treatment and can help you explore your options. We have developed many relationships with professionals, unions, and other families who have suffered from the devastation of asbestos related illness.

Furthering the advancement of asbestos research and mesothelioma treatment

We believe in contributing to the medical advancements in technology and treatment for the victims of asbestos exposure. Our foundation was established to lay the groundwork for the necessary and extensive medical research that should be afforded to the victims and families of mesothelioma and asbestos exposure.

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