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Brake and Friction Product Exposure

Exposure to Asbestos From Brakes and Friction Products

For decades manufacturers of various automotive parts used asbestos as an ingredient in parts that were exposed to high temperatures. Such products that contain asbestos include brake linings, clutch facings, and gaskets for vehicles and construction equipment such as cranes and bulldozers. The manufacturers of these parts knew that asbestos was hazardous but used it because it was cheap and plentiful. However, the manufacturers did not begin to warn of the dangers of asbestos until the 1970’s. Even today, many brake shoes and brake pads sold in the United States contain asbestos.

In the past, mechanics – including so-called “shadetree” mechanics who worked on their own vehicles – often used compressed air to blow dust out of brake and clutch assemblies. This caused a large cloud of asbestos fibers to disperse into the breathing zone of the mechanic and anyone else nearby. Asbestos fibers eventually settle but can become airborne again, causing additional exposure. The United States Environmental Protection Agency released a brochure, commonly referred to as the Gold Book, in 1986 that cautioned mechanics against using procedures that allow the release of asbestos fibers during brake and clutch repairs. Unfortunately a large number of mechanics do not have the equipment that the EPA recommends and are not aware that asbestos is still in many brakes.

If you or someone you love contracted mesothelioma and was a mechanic or did automotive work, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

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